Dogeforth Protocol is a synthetic asset that is pegged to its underlying asset price of Dogecoin. Dogeforth is the next generation of Dogecoin creating extensive token utility.

What are Dogeforth's use cases?

Synthetic - A synthetic asset is one whose properties have the same effect and value as another asset. RDOGE is a synthetic asset engineered to simulate the market patterns of its underlying asset - Dogecoin.
Staking and Rewards - Dogeforth holders can earn passive token rewards for holding $RDOGE in our staking wallets. Staking $RDOGE will give users full access to the Dogeforth platform.
Doge DAO (Governance) - $RDOGE holders that hold tokens in our staking wallets will be able to vote on Dogeforth token utility, Dogepad, and ideas that affect the future of Dogeforth.
    NFT Events
    Token Airdrops & Rewards
    Holder Voting
    Discussion Forums
Doge Pad (Launchpad) - Gives the ability for doge-related projects to launch on our platform. Pool weight will be determined by how much $RDOGE users hold in our staking wallets.
    Discounted sales with whitelisted addresses
    Doge-related projects
    Full KYC Intergration

What are the key features of the platform?

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