Dogeforth Protocol is a synthetic asset that is pegged to its underlying asset price of Dogecoin. Dogeforth is the next generation of Dogecoin creating extensive token utility.

What are Dogeforth's use cases?

Synthetic - A synthetic asset is one whose properties have the same effect and value as another asset. RDOGE is a synthetic asset engineered to simulate the market patterns of its underlying asset - Dogecoin.

Staking and Rewards - Dogeforth holders can earn passive token rewards for holding $RDOGE in our staking wallets. Staking $RDOGE will give users full access to the Dogeforth platform.

Doge DAO (Governance) - $RDOGE holders that hold tokens in our staking wallets will be able to vote on Dogeforth token utility, Dogepad, and ideas that affect the future of Dogeforth.

  • NFT Events

  • Token Airdrops & Rewards

  • Holder Voting

  • Discussion Forums

Doge Pad (Launchpad) - Gives the ability for doge-related projects to launch on our platform. Pool weight will be determined by how much $RDOGE users hold in our staking wallets.

  • Crowdfunding

  • Discounted sales with whitelisted addresses

  • Doge-related projects

  • Full KYC Intergration

What are the key features of the platform?