1.2 Introduction
Dogeforth is a synthetic asset that alters its supply based on the price of Dogecoin every 24 hours, and features its very own DAO. Additionally, Dogeforth will be developing its own launchpad to be known as Dogepad. Fundamentally, Dogeforth is designed to bring utility to the ever-growing Doge ecosystem while leveraging its elastic supply technology.
With rebase tokens having historic ascension in value & with Dogecoin in the media spotlight, DogeForth Protocol is perfectly designed for stable growth and adoption.
Developers have done thorough research on predecessor elastic supply tokens in order to create a refined rebase token that’s crafted to produce results. The rebasing token also has a strong direction for community management through community-based voting events that will determine project decision-making. Dogeforth Protocol will not only be pegged to its underlying asset Dogecoin but will be loyally attached to its dedicated community of cryptocurrency investors.
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