3.2 Educating Investors Unfamiliar with Rebasing
Another potential challenge for Dogeforth Protocol is educating investors who are unfamiliar/inexperienced with elastic supply tokens. Rebasing tokens is a niche within cryptocurrency, even some investors who were early adopters of crypto have never participated in a rebasing token. However, highly authoritative platforms like Binance are releasing articles in late April 2021 to educate investors about rebasing tokens because of the recent limelight casted on rebasing tokens. With major cryptocurrency exchanges putting a recent effort into educating investors both new and adept. We believe unfamiliarity with rebasing tokens will be a simple challenge to overcome because of the recent pump in educational learning material. Additionally, on the Dogeforth website, investors can take a look at the “Introduction to Dogeforth” video to educate themselves on the dynamics of elastic supply tokens & the Dogeforth Protocol.
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