4.3 Cardano Migration
As we get closer to the launch of the Cardano mainnet, Dogeforth will be migrating to the Cardano blockchain. We believe that Cardano's speed and scalability will help Dogeforth reach its full potential.
On the Cardano blockchain, one of the core features is scalability. Many blockchains have the same issue where a large number of transaction get set out at the same time and the network is not capable of handling the congestion.
Cardano's interoperability is another of its major features. Cardano will be multi-functional for financial, business, or commercial operations. Moreover, Cardano supports cross chain transfers, several smart contract languages, central bank interoperability and side chains.
We believe that Cardano's scalability, decentralization, seamless upgrades and overall functionality will vastly increase the quality of the Dogeforth platform.
Last modified 6mo ago
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