5.1 Token Utility
The $RDOGE Token serves as a utility for the Dogeforth platform. $RDOGE utilities include: Staking and Rewards: Dogeforth token holders can earn passive income rewards but hold $RDOGE in our staking wallets. Staking $RDOGE will give users full access to the Dogeforth platform.
Dogepad: Dogeforth will be launching a unique launchpad called Dogepad, which gives Doge-related projects the opportunity to raise funds for their campaign. In order to participate in Dogepad pools, $RDOGE holders must stake a fixed amount of $RDOGE tokens in our staking wallets.
DogeDAO (Governance): Dogeforth’s unique governance campaign DogeDAO, will require token holders to stake a fixed amount $RDOGE in our staking wallets. The more tokens one stakes, the more voting power they recieve.
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